My name is Will and my story is a little different from the normal…

I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK with a Masters in Automotive Engineering with Motorsport. I have always had a fascination for engineering, which was partly the reason for publishing a book on it!

I was then priveleged enough to secure a job working for a company I had dreamed of working for since a child: McLaren. Being part of such a special company and contributing to the testing of their supercars was something I will never forget.

It was whilst I was at McLaren I took a day off to be a guest speaker at Ezoic and Google’s Pubtelligence. After telling people that I had created over the last 3-4 years a website, part time, with a passive 1+mil views a month, it made a certain high level figure at Google come up to me. He said (roughly from memory).

Will, you’re the cleverest stupidest guy I’ve ever met. If you can do what you’ve done with your websites part time, working 50+ hours a week at McLaren, imagine what you could do achieve if you gave it all of your time.

And that is exactly what I have done. The results?

SEMRush Traffic Analysis Will Website
A rough analysis into the growth of my main website

The surprising thing I found from this continuous journey is that I have learnt so much more since starting my own business, running it, and maintaining it, than my whole 5 year Masters degree. There’s is so much to learn, do, improve and make better. Just some of the things I’ve learnt include:

Technical Related

  • Everything there is to SEO
  • How to code
  • How to create a WordPress theme from scratch
  • How to manage a large website
  • Server and site speed optimizations
  • How to do effective market research

Business Related

  • How to run a business
  • How to manage finances
  • How to invest appropriately
  • How to bookkeep
  • How to pay taxes
  • How to monitor growth and decline
  • Where to invest best for optimum returns


  • How to have better body language and understand others’
  • Maintaining a happy team – the key to good HR
  • How to record music professionally
  • How to change an environment and culture to suit your goals

And that’s just the stuff I can think of!

This is exactly why I found it a great idea to make this website. I am null-endated with people asking for help, be it about miscellaneous things, website-related, or even business-related.

Either way, I want to share with you what I’ve learnt.

If you visit my website and come away learning something new, mission accomplished. If you haven’t, I’ll owe you a drink if we ever see each other in person.

Either way, there is so much potentail in the world and I hope an insight into some of my articles helps you untap that, as it all exists inside us.

The Takeaway – What You Have Learnt

  • Don’t be a clever idiot like me. If you are good at something and enjoy it, pursue it.
  • Everyone has potential – it just needs to be unlocked with a good guiding hand sometimes.
  • Learning does not stop once you finish school or University. It merely starts if you have the right mindset!

Next Steps For You

Here are some useful steps to help you browse the site and utilize the resources as best possible:

  1. Browse Browse Browse – whether it is to start your own website, or learn about all things entrepreneurship, or something miscellaneous. Without browsing, you won’t learn something new.
  2. Comment Comment Comment – this isn’t a one-way communications portal. I want to hear from you and actively encourage you to comment, as I will reply.
  3. Get in Contact – want specific help? Book a session with me and I’ll help you however you need it.